Sunday, July 26, 2009


12:00 - 1:00 Dances by request
1:00 - 2:00 Lo Spagnoletto (room 1) All in a Garden Green, Godesses (room 2)
2:00 - 3:00 Dance de Cleves, Amoroso (room 1) Parson's Farewell (room 2)
3:00 - 4:00 Il Conto del Orco (room 1) Allemandes, Scott's Branle (room 2)
4:00 - 5:00 Gracca Amoroso (room 1) Wherligig (room 2)

What else is happening on that weekend?

Not just one day of activities!

If you are coming to Melbourne for the Bal d'Argent, there is a lot more than just the ball to attend.

On Thursday night, you can attend Stormhold Dance Practise or Rapier training in Arrowsreach.

On Friday Night there is St Monicas Dance Practise (practising dances from the ball) Followed by St Monicas/Krae Glas Fighter training.

On Sunday, you can attend Stormhold Monthly Bash.

To find details of all these activities, check out the combied victorian sca calendar on:

Bal d'Argent Flyer


Currently the price for booking is $30, and it will become $35 at the door. Non-members pay an additional $2 for membership during the event

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Competition dances

Here are the competition dances for the Bal d'Argent

Silver Serif

Dance de Cleves
Lo Spagnoletto
Il Conto del Orco

Group dance


Non-rondel competition

Scotts Branle

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Are you a musician?

Are you a musician?
Are you coming to the Bal d'Argent on 1st August?

Musicians wanted to play for day classes and/or the Ball.

Fantastic – email me!

Inexperienced? – Fantastic – this is a chance to come and give it a go…between the different tunes there are parts suitable for beginners up. I can send sheet music for you to practice in advance, we'll have a rehearsal on the day and I'll try to arrange one before the day as well, if possible and necessary. Email me!

Not sure if your instrument will work with others?
Send me an email!

Like to play, but don't want to be stuck playing all night as you like to dance too?
If different instruments play different dances, that's a *good* thing – it means the music doesn't always sound the same. Email me!

Want to volunteer? Other questions?
Email me!

Emma de Lastone


Booking can be made by contacting the steward on 0431 621 562.

Where and when is the Ball?

This year the Ball will be held on the 1st of August at the Oakleigh Mechanics Hall.

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The doors open at 12 noon, with dance workshops running through the day.
The Ball proper starts at 6pm and runs through until 11pm.

Are there any requirements for costume?

The short answer is no.
The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) only requires an attempt at medieval costume or garb. However, that been said there is a costume competition for the Bal d'Argent.
Costume Competition
The competition is for you best piece of costume in White, and it may have accents of the guild colours (which are white, red and blue).

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Which dances will be danced?

Below is a list of the dances planned to the bal.

Set 1

Court Set (Known World Pavane, Galliard, Basse Dance (Jouissance), Tourdion)

Set 2
Cut Branles
Gracca Amoroso

Set 3
Black Allemande
Hyde Park

Set 4
Mimed Branles
Lorayne Allemande
Parson's Farewell

Set 5
Ballo del Fiore
Gathering Peascods
All in a Garden Green
Il Conto del Orco
Petit Vriens

Sunday, July 5, 2009

What is the Bal d'Argent?

The Guild of the Silver Rondel holds the Bal d' Argent. It is the dance guild in the Kingdom of Lochac and encourages pre 17th century dancing. The Bal d'Argent is the social dance event of the year with many competitions for dance, music, and costume.

What is happening at the Ball

During the day there will be dance workshops. A light lunch will be served during the day.

A meeting of the members of the guild is held to discuss issues relevant to the guild. They may also discuss new candidates for membership who are not present to be tested. Each year, a new guild secretary is elected, and competition dances for next year's ball are decided on.

In the evening there will be the Ball itself. There will be a break in the dancing, for the light supper, new members of the guild are welcomed and the competition prizes are awarded.