Sunday, July 5, 2009

What is the Bal d'Argent?

The Guild of the Silver Rondel holds the Bal d' Argent. It is the dance guild in the Kingdom of Lochac and encourages pre 17th century dancing. The Bal d'Argent is the social dance event of the year with many competitions for dance, music, and costume.

What is happening at the Ball

During the day there will be dance workshops. A light lunch will be served during the day.

A meeting of the members of the guild is held to discuss issues relevant to the guild. They may also discuss new candidates for membership who are not present to be tested. Each year, a new guild secretary is elected, and competition dances for next year's ball are decided on.

In the evening there will be the Ball itself. There will be a break in the dancing, for the light supper, new members of the guild are welcomed and the competition prizes are awarded.