Sunday, July 19, 2009

Are you a musician?

Are you a musician?
Are you coming to the Bal d'Argent on 1st August?

Musicians wanted to play for day classes and/or the Ball.

Fantastic – email me!

Inexperienced? – Fantastic – this is a chance to come and give it a go…between the different tunes there are parts suitable for beginners up. I can send sheet music for you to practice in advance, we'll have a rehearsal on the day and I'll try to arrange one before the day as well, if possible and necessary. Email me!

Not sure if your instrument will work with others?
Send me an email!

Like to play, but don't want to be stuck playing all night as you like to dance too?
If different instruments play different dances, that's a *good* thing – it means the music doesn't always sound the same. Email me!

Want to volunteer? Other questions?
Email me!

Emma de Lastone